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We work with a number of young artists 16 years old to 30 years old and help them present, exhibit and sell their work.  If you are passionate about art and are happy to help a young artist there are different ways you can do that:

Sponsor a young artist: you can donate art materials, canvasses and perhaps pay for a young artist to enter competitions or exhibit at a local or London gallery.  The sponsorship could also pay for printing marketing materials and starts from £150

Commission work:  you can ask one of our young artists to produce a piece for you whether it is a portrait, or family photo.  You can also purchase of the artist’s pieces, we will even have the work framed to your specification.  Commissions start from £250

Framing: as often young artist cannot afford to frame their work, you can chose to pay for the framing of your chosen pieces by a young artist, this would be greatly appreciated as framed work is easier to display and sell.  Framing is for a minimum of 10 pieces of work from £500

If you would simply like to donate towards art materials or the work of the Cafe in general please do that by clicking

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