Flying Seagull Project


Coffee or sandwich on hold

The Bauhaus Cafe has a board where you can leave a yellow sticky note and buy a coffee for someone who can’t afford it because of life circumstances.  You can also buy a sandwich in the same way so please take a sticky note, write something on it and include your purchase, pay for it and put it on our board and we will make sure that it gets passed on to someone who needs it.

Shared Art

The Cafe offers art pads and materials for you to try your hand at drawing or colouring so please participate.  Leave your art behind so that someone can take over and carry on.


There are lots of games in the Cafe so please choose one and enjoy with your friends.

Charities We Support

In our first year, we will be supporting the The Flying Seagull Project so please donate genrously.  The box is situated near our register.