About Our Work

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Bauhaus Café is a community pop up Café and art collective organised and delivered by a group of young creatives and entrepreneurial individuals of all disciplines in Kent who work together collaboratively to create high quality educational and artistic opportunities for the residents of the county.  We offer:

  • Accredited and vocational educational opportunities
  • Volunteering and work opportunities
  • Local and international collaborations and exchanges
  • Festivals (music, arts, dance and other)
  • Arts Conferences
  • Monthly events and exhibitions
  • Live music sessions introducing local young and newly formed bands or musicians

The aim of Bauhaus Café is to offer inclusive spaces in the community in which to meet, network, collaborate and produce work that is original, unique and uses local talent available.

Our ethos is based on the values of creativity, connection and change, and the positive impact they can provide for both individuals and communities.

The Bauhaus Cafe is a pop up Cafe.  We work alongside venues, art organisations and festivals in and around Ashford, Kent, to bring you music and creative events to highlight local talent.